Elders Gathering

48th Annual Elders Gathering

The 48th Annual First Nations Elders Gathering stands as a sacred occasion uniting the First Nations communities of British Columbia. This gathering is a profound opportunity to weave the threads of understanding between the wisdom of our Elders and the aspirations of the younger generations, fostering a circle of mutual respect and reverence.

Dates of Gathering: August 13-14, 2024

Elders Gathering Background

For the past 48 years (excluding 3 COVID-19 years), First Nations Elders have gathered in various locations across British Columbia. The first Elders Gathering was hosted by the Coqualeeza Elders in the Sto: Lo Nation. Frances Harne beautifully carved a totem pole to serve as a record keeper, inscribed are the places and dates of each Gathering at the base.

The Elders Gathering serves as an enriching opportunity for hearts to connect, memories and wisdom to be exchanged, new kinships to be forged, and old bonds to be rekindled. It opens a gateway to understanding the diverse ways of life among various First Nations.

Purpose of Elders Gathering

The fundamental intent of the Elders Gathering is to weave social and communal bonds, uniting Elders across the province into one collective Nation. It enables kindred spirits of similar ages and ideals, along with their families, to come together and discover shared foundations that fortify these bonds.

Our Elders possess the wisdom and experiences that younger generations need for guidance in life. It is essential that this event continues, ensuring the passing on of our Elders’ legacy to each succeeding generation. In a rapidly modernizing world, we must maintain the balance that comes from honoring our Elders and remembering the past.

King and Queen Tradition

The tradition of recognizing Kings and Queens began at the 1982 Prince George Gathering. Kings and Queens are chosen for their leadership qualities and community spirit.