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First Nations Elders Dedicated Nonprofit Organization in British Columbia

Welcome to the B.C. Elders Communication Center Society

The B.C. Elders Communication Center Society, a nonprofit organization in British Columbia, is dedicated to nurturing and enhancing strong bonds within First Nations Elders’ communities.
Our goal at BCECCS is to serve as a conduit for Elders to find strength through community ties. We deeply understand the significance of solidarity among Elders and their families across the diverse traditional territories within British Columbia.
In our culture, the phrase “All my relations” holds immense importance, especially among Elders, encompassing their entire peer community. We wholeheartedly support and respect this interconnectedness by establishing a communication platform that cherishes and empowers B.C. First Nation Elders.

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Our Initiatives Since 1999

Elders Voice Newsletter

Each month, we release the Elders Voice, our provincial newsletter. This invaluable resource serves the extensive community of Aboriginal Elders throughout our province, providing essential information and insights.


October 1, 2023, we launched the GATHERING NEWS. This comprehensive source covers all aspects, inquiries, and answers concerning the Elders Gathering.

Our Objective

The core mission of the B.C. Elders Communication Center Society revolves around ensuring that the First Nations Elders in B.C. feel deeply valued, knowing that their legacies will be cherished, their emotions respected, and their rich cultural heritage upheld with utmost significance.

Our Purpose

The B.C. Elders Communication Center Society serves as the core communication hub for First Nations Elders, their families, and support workers in British Columbia. Notably, there is no similar provincial network exclusively dedicated to Elders, whether they reside on or off reserve, elsewhere in Canada.

We fulfill our purpose by:

Unifying the Elders Network

We collaborate closely with Elders’ representatives, including Presidents, Secretaries, Band Office staff, Health and Social Development Workers, Councilors, and at times, Chiefs. They serve as crucial bridges, connecting us with their Elder communities.

Dedicated Support Services

The B.C. Elders Communication Center Society provides accessible channels—an inclusive toll-free number, email, fax, and physical address. Our committed team specializes in addressing all matters related to Elders, ensuring tailored and responsive support.

Monthly Newsletter: the Elders Voice

The Elders Voice newsletter is a consistent presence, reaching designated contacts in each community, whether on or off reserve. This ensures a steady stream of information to the vast network of First Nations Elders across our province.

B.C. Elders Website - "Preserving the Past" (Aug. 31, 2002)

Our digital platform, dedicated to B.C. Elders, serves as a conduit for preserving and celebrating our rich cultural heritage. With a focus on honoring the wisdom and contributions of our revered Elders, this platform stands as a testament to their enduring legacy, ensuring their cultural teachings resonate and endure for future generations.

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Let Us Honour Our Elders

Stand with us to honor the wisdom, culture, and heritage of B.C.’s First Nations Elders. Together, let’s celebrate their strength and resilience, amplifying their voices. Reach out for more information, support, or any questions you have.